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A new iPad Pro is coming: Here are three things to expect

Apple is gearing up for a significant refresh of its iPad lineup in 2024, starting with the anticipated launch of the iPad Pro in March. If you’re considering getting a new iPad Pro this year, here are three key features to look forward to:

1. Shift to OLED Screens:

One of the major changes in the upcoming iPad Pro models is the transition to OLED screens. While the current 11-inch iPad Pro uses an LCD screen, the new models will see the entire iPad Pro lineup adopting OLED displays. This switch promises improved black levels and addresses the “blooming” issue associated with mini-LED displays.

2. Updated Magic Keyboard:

Apple is reportedly working on a revamped Magic Keyboard to give the iPad Pro a more laptop-like appearance. The new Magic Keyboard is expected to feature a sturdier aluminum frame, departing from the fabric material of the current version introduced in 2020. This update aims to enhance the premium feel of the accessory and align it with the iPad Pro’s status.

3. Introduction of M3 Chip:

The new iPad Pro models will boast increased power with the introduction of the M3 chip. While specific benefits and optimizations for iPadOS are yet to be fully disclosed, the upgraded processors promise enhanced performance. This move is in line with Apple’s commitment to improving the capabilities of its devices and meeting user demands.

Release and Pricing:

Anticipated for a March launch, the new iPad Pro lineup is already in mass production, according to reports from Bloomberg. However, the incorporation of advanced features such as OLED screens and the M3 chip might contribute to a potentially higher price tag. Rumors suggest starting prices of $1,500 for the 11-inch version and $1,800 for the 12.9-inch model.

As Apple continues to innovate its iPad Pro series, users can look forward to a combination of enhanced display technology, improved accessories, and increased processing power in the upcoming models.

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