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Android’s infamous January 2024 update is fixed and rolling out again

Mountain View, Ca/USA December 29, 2016: Googleplex - Google Headquarters with Android figure

As February unfolds, Android users are finally witnessing the rollout of the January 2024 Google Play System update. This update, initially launched in January, encountered issues that prompted its withdrawal, particularly affecting users’ access to local storage on their phones. However, with fixes now implemented, the update is back on track and making its way to devices.

During the initial rollout, users with multiple accounts or work profiles experienced various issues, including app crashes, screenshot failures, and inconsistent external storage performance. Google responded by providing manual instructions on February 1 for users to address these issues. However, the process was complex, requiring users to enable developer mode and execute specific commands.

Despite assurances from Google about an automated fix, users are still waiting for its release, which has led to frustration among many. This delay underscores the importance of prompt resolutions to technical issues to ensure a smooth user experience.

The January update follows a skipped December Play System update, highlighting the significance of these updates in enhancing Android functionality. These updates, distributed through the Play Store, offer core system component updates aimed at improving the overall user experience.

However, the recent setbacks with the January update have raised concerns about Google’s update reliability and testing procedures. The recurring instances of buggy updates affecting Pixel phones highlight the need for more rigorous testing protocols to minimize disruptions for users.

Looking ahead, users hope for smoother update experiences, free from the glitches that have plagued recent releases. With improved testing and rollout procedures, Android users can anticipate seamless updates that enhance their device performance and functionality.

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