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As explorers identify new species of anaconda, it’s revealed to be the ‘biggest of all’ snake discovery.

Explorers have uncovered a remarkable find deep within the Amazon: a previously unknown species of anaconda, and it’s the largest ever recorded. Initially believed to be a single species, scientists have now identified two distinct types: the northern green anaconda and the southern green anaconda.

This groundbreaking revelation comes after an extensive study published in the journal MDPI Diversity. Researchers analyzed genetic data from anacondas across nine countries, revealing a 5.5% genetic difference between the northern and southern variants, indicating separate evolutionary paths.

To unravel this mystery, the exploration team embarked on a journey into the heart of the Amazon, collecting blood and tissue samples from these colossal snakes in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil. Through meticulous examination, they uncovered subtle physical disparities and confirmed the existence of two unique species.

One significant contrast lies in their geographical distribution: while the southern green anaconda roams across Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru, its northern counterpart inhabits Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Interestingly, the newly identified northern green anaconda can grow even larger than its southern counterpart.

During their expedition, researchers encountered awe-inspiring specimens, with one anaconda measuring a staggering 20.6 feet in length and weighing 793 pounds. These findings underscore the critical importance of preserving the Amazon’s rich biodiversity in the face of mounting threats such as deforestation and oil spills.

For the expedition team, led by National Geographic explorer Bryan Fry, this discovery represents a significant milestone in their ongoing research. Collaborating closely with the indigenous Waorani people, they gained invaluable insights into the Amazon’s ecosystems and the challenges they confront.

As they continue their work in the Amazon, the team remains dedicated to understanding and safeguarding this vital ecosystem. Despite the remarkable discovery of the largest anaconda species, their mission to ensure the Amazon’s future remains an ongoing endeavor.

In the verdant jungles of the Amazon, each revelation unveils new wonders and obstacles, inspiring scientists to push the boundaries of exploration and conservation efforts.

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