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At the Munich Security Conference, a Republican opponent of U.S. aid to Ukraine argues his case.

At the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, a Republican senator voiced his opposition to new U.S. aid for Ukraine, arguing that the proposed package currently stalled in Congress wouldn’t bring about significant changes on the ground. Senator JD Vance, aligned with former President Donald Trump, expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the aid, suggesting that Russia might be inclined to seek peace negotiations instead.

While leaders like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris have called for the passage of the $60 billion aid package, Vance raised concerns about the ongoing conflict’s lack of a clear resolution and the United States’ limited capacity to engage in multiple global theaters of war simultaneously due to manufacturing constraints.

Despite pressure from Democrats and some Republicans, House Speaker Mike Johnson has resisted rushing approval of the $95.3 billion foreign aid package. Vance argued that even if the aid is approved, it wouldn’t substantially alter the dynamics of the conflict given these manufacturing limitations.

Instead, Vance proposed prioritizing peace negotiations, suggesting that all parties involved, including Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the U.S., have incentives to engage in dialogue and ultimately reach a resolution.

Responding to Vance’s stance, Ricarda Lang of Germany’s Green Party cautioned against halting weapons supplies to Ukraine, warning of the potential consequences of prolonging the conflict or conceding victory to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which could embolden other hostile powers like China.

Vance’s participation at the Munich conference stood out among a large group of U.S. lawmakers in attendance. While some Senate colleagues met with Zelenskyy, Vance did not join them, underscoring the divisions among Republican senators regarding the Ukraine issue.

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