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ChatGPT baffles users by speaking ‘Spanglish’ as AI goes rogue

ChatGPT has stirred confusion among users by suddenly responding in Spanglish, revealing an unexpected glitch in the widely-touted artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

Complaints flooded social media platforms as users reported receiving “unexpected responses” from the OpenAI-owned chatbot, prompting the tech giant to acknowledge the issue.

Some users shared instances where ChatGPT provided nonsensical replies, mixing English and Spanish, while others repeated the same word endlessly.

For example, one perplexing response read: “Let me encylopease me si there’s more wonderenda tu articulation’s hungry for!”

Gary Marcus, an AI expert and emeritus professor at New York University, commented on the situation, describing ChatGPT’s behavior as “gone berserk.”

In his newsletter, Marcus noted, “These systems have never been stable. Nobody has been able to engineer safety guarantees around them. We are still in the age of machine learning alchemy.”

Users on OpenAI’s forum shared similar experiences, with one lamenting, “As of about three hours ago all of my conversations with GPT4 devolve very quickly into garbage.”

Several users observed that their interactions with ChatGPT would begin normally but quickly devolve into incoherent responses.

In one instance, ChatGPT responded with a jumble of unrelated words: “A day. A high. A chalk. A spark. A line. A ken. A vire. A vane. A byre. A bye. A been. A balk.”

OpenAI acknowledged the issue, stating they had identified and resolved the problem promptly.

ChatGPT has been lauded as a significant advancement in AI technology, capable of delivering human-like responses to complex queries. Businesses have embraced the bot for automating various tasks, including drafting emails, summarizing reports, and addressing customer inquiries.

However, skeptics have highlighted the inherent limitations of chatbots, such as their tendency to generate bizarre or inaccurate responses, a phenomenon known as “hallucinating.”

The incident underscores the ongoing challenges and uncertainties surrounding AI development as researchers and developers strive to harness the potential of this powerful technology while mitigating its risks.

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