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Comic Says Robert Kraft Massage Jokes Were Off-Limits at Tom Brady Roast

After Tom Brady’s roast on Netflix, people began speculating whether the NFL star was really offended by Jeff Ross’ joke referencing Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s scandal involving solicitation of prostitution at massage parlors in Florida. Now, comedian Andrew Schulz, who took part in the roast, claims that the tension surrounding that moment was “100 percent real.”

On his “Flagrant” podcast, Schulz shared that he believed the awkwardness was authentic because they had been explicitly told to avoid any jokes about “happy endings” involving Kraft. Schulz mentioned he had a joke about former Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss getting a “happy ending” from Kraft, but he was instructed not to use it. According to Schulz, Brady asked that no jokes be made about the massage parlor incident, and Schulz respected that boundary.

Things got tense when Jeff Ross made a joke that referenced the 2019 incident where Kraft was allegedly caught on police surveillance footage paying for sex at a massage parlor. Ross’s joke, which implied that Brady himself offered a massage to Kraft, led Brady to stand up and tell him not to “say that shit again.” Schulz said this reaction was a sign that Brady was ready to shut down the entire roast if the agreed-upon boundaries were crossed.

Schulz believed that Brady’s response was genuine, pointing out that most people might not want to ruin the roast, but Brady was willing to do whatever it took to uphold the rules. The comedian also revealed that jokes about Brady’s children were off-limits as well.

Despite the drama, Jeff Ross later denied that Brady and Kraft were genuinely upset over his joke. On “The Rich Eisen Show,” Ross suggested that Brady’s reaction was more about showing support for Kraft, emphasizing that Kraft enjoyed the joke and that they had a great conversation afterward.

Robbie Praw, Netflix’s vice president of stand-up and comedy formats, told The Hollywood Reporter that he wasn’t aware of any specific restrictions for the roast. He noted that the reaction from Brady and his team seemed positive, adding that the overall mood after the roast was upbeat and celebratory.

Given the mixed interpretations of what happened, it’s clear that the incident left fans wondering just how much of Brady’s reaction was real and how much was simply part of the roast’s theatrics.

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