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FBI, FCC investigating extensive AT&T cell service outage across U.S.

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Yesterday, many Americans breathed a sigh of relief as their cell service finally came back online after a frustrating day of network outages. It wasn’t just AT&T customers affected; folks using other carriers also experienced the agony of not being able to make calls, send texts, or even browse the internet on their phones. And the worst part? Some couldn’t reach emergency services like 911.

Here’s what went down:

– The White House announced that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were on the case, looking into the outages. While AT&T said it wasn’t a cyberattack, the Department of Commerce’s communications got a bit of a shake-up.

– The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) didn’t waste any time either, launching its own investigation and staying in touch with AT&T throughout the ordeal.

– Among all the carriers, AT&T took the biggest hit, with over 73,000 reports of outages pouring in early in the day. Places like Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago were hit the hardest.

– AT&T was quick to acknowledge the problem and advised affected customers to switch to Wi-Fi calling until things got sorted. By 2 pm, they managed to get everyone back online.

– Other carriers, like Verizon and T-Mobile, had a few hiccups too, but nothing compared to AT&T’s troubles.

– Both T-Mobile and Verizon reassured everyone that their networks were up and running smoothly. Any issues customers faced were likely due to trouble reaching people on different networks.

– Emergency departments also chimed in, urging AT&T customers who couldn’t get through to 911 to use landlines or ask friends and family with different carriers for help.

In the end, while it was a rough day for many, the good news is that things are back to normal now, and everyone can breathe a little easier.

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