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Four Increasingly Unlikely NBA Trade Deadline Fake Trades Teams Should Consider

Trade Deadline Daydreams: Could These NBA Blockbusters Actually Happen?

NBA trade rumors are swirling like a Steph Curry three-pointer, and with the deadline approaching, fans are buzzing with wild speculation. Forget the boring whispers – let’s dive into some crazy-but-kinda-plausible trades that would have the league saying “Whoa!”

Golden State Warriors: Desperately Seeking an Upgrade

The Warriors are hungry for a championship boost, while the Dallas Mavericks crave a perimeter player. This trade could be a win-win! Golden State snags defensive whiz Grant Williams and rebounding machine Richaun Holmes, creating space for Jonathan Kuminga to shine alongside the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green. Imagine that lineup – Curry, Thompson, Kuminga, Green, and Williams? Shivers, right? Meanwhile, Dallas gets Andrew Wiggins, who might just recapture his magic playing alongside Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. He’d add defensive muscle and versatility, becoming a nightmare matchup for opposing scorers.

Philadelphia 76ers: Embiid Out, Murray In?

With Joel Embiid sidelined, the Sixers need someone to keep the ship afloat. Dejounte Murray might not be the perfect fit, but he’s a top-shelf talent. He brings scoring, playmaking, and the ability to run the show when Tyrese Maxey needs a breather. Plus, his contract won’t break the bank, keeping options open for the future. For the Atlanta Hawks, it’s a chance to recoup some assets after the Murray trade didn’t quite pan out. They get expiring contracts in Marcus Morris and two first-round picks, potentially finding Trae Young’s ideal partner down the road.

Miami Heat: Seeking Size and Grit

The Heat love their hustle, and Jerami Grant brings just that. He’d be a seamless starter compared to Tyler Herro, providing much-needed size to battle Eastern Conference giants. Portland gets Herro, a young gun who could thrive as a sixth man or starter alongside Scoot Henderson. Plus, Nikola Jović gets his chance to shine with consistent minutes.

LeBron James: Back to Cleveland?!

Okay, this one’s wild. LeBron’s been dropping hints, his future in LA is uncertain, and he might be yearning for another championship ring. The Cavs, despite their success, could be tempted. James alongside Darius Garland? Sounds like a nightmare for opposing defenses. Cleveland might gamble on the surefire championship experience LeBron brings, even if it means trading away Donovan Mitchell. The Lakers, in return, get young stars Mitchell and Caris LeVert to build around in a post-LeBron.

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