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Here are the reasons people are returning their Apple Vision Pro:

Apple’s much-anticipated launch of the Vision Pro, touted as a revolutionary “spatial computer,” has garnered mixed reactions from early adopters, with reports emerging of users returning the high-priced device. Priced at a hefty $3,500, the Vision Pro’s entry into the market has been met with subdued enthusiasm, partially due to its prohibitive cost, which places it beyond the reach of many consumers.

One of the primary reasons cited for the return of the Vision Pro is its weight and lack of comfort. Users have reported discomfort, with some experiencing burst blood vessels in their eyes after prolonged use of the headset. Weighing in as one of the heaviest consumer VR headsets available, the Vision Pro’s design has raised concerns about its ergonomic suitability for extended wear.

Another factor contributing to user dissatisfaction is the quality of the passthrough video feature. While Apple claims it offers the best passthrough video on a VR headset to date, users have found it lacking in clarity, with issues such as visual noise, underexposure, and overexposure detracting from the immersive experience.

Additionally, users have voiced frustration over software-related issues, including the limited availability of apps on the visionOS platform. With only 600 apps initially available on the visionOS App Store at launch, users have found the selection to be sparse, with many apps offering basic functionalities that should ideally be supported natively.

Furthermore, the Vision Pro’s isolating nature has been highlighted as a drawback, with users noting a lack of shared experiences and social interaction opportunities. While the headset offers immersive content consumption capabilities, it fails to provide meaningful avenues for communal engagement.

Ultimately, the Vision Pro’s high price point has exacerbated these concerns, leaving users with little tolerance for compromises in the overall experience. Despite Apple’s reputation for delivering innovative products, the Vision Pro’s shortcomings have prompted many early adopters to reconsider their purchase decisions and seek alternatives in the competitive VR market.

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