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Here’s what that means for you: It’s skunk breeding season.

As skunk breeding season arrives, the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (CWRA) offers advice for pet owners. They recommend making some noise before letting dogs out to give skunks a chance to retreat. If you encounter a skunk, remain calm and speak softly to avoid startling it, as skunks have poor eyesight. They often give warning signs like stomping their feet or doing a handstand before spraying.

If your pet gets sprayed, act quickly. Avoid letting them rub on anything and blot the spray with paper towels. Then, apply a paste made of Dawn dish soap, peroxide, and baking soda to the affected area. However, if a person or hairless animal is sprayed, skip the baking soda to prevent skin irritation.

The CWRA also stresses the importance of proper waste disposal to protect wildlife. Skunks can get trapped in discarded items like cans and food containers, so washing recyclables and avoiding littering can prevent such incidents. If you encounter a skunk with something stuck on its head, cover it with a towel and gently remove the object, being careful not to touch the animal with bare hands due to potential parasites or disease.

These simple steps promote peaceful coexistence with skunks during breeding season while ensuring the safety of both pets and wildlife.

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