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Jeff Bezos and Nvidia are investing heavily in a human-like robot startup.

A burgeoning startup is making waves with its ambitious plan to introduce humanoid robots into warehouses worldwide, garnering attention from notable investors with substantial financial backing.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Figure AI Inc. is in the midst of securing a substantial $675 million in funding, drawing support from industry heavyweights like Jeff Bezos and Microsoft Corporation. The company’s mission, as articulated on its website, is to combat labor shortages in warehouses by deploying autonomous humanoid workers capable of undertaking tasks typically performed by human employees.

At the core of Figure AI’s innovation lies its flagship product, Figure 01, an AI-powered robot engineered for autonomous operation and safe interaction alongside human workers. These humanoid robots are poised to address labor shortages in warehouses by undertaking hazardous tasks where human workers are scarce.

Notable investors joining the funding round include OpenAI and Nvidia Corp., the latter of which recently astounded the industry with impressive fourth-quarter revenue figures. Jeff Bezos, through his investment firm Explore Investments, LLC, has pledged a significant $100 million, while Microsoft is contributing $95 million.

Furthermore, Nvidia and an fund are each investing $50 million, with Intel Corp.’s investment arm providing an additional $25 million. OpenAI has also pledged $5 million in support of Figure AI’s mission.

With a pre-money valuation estimated at approximately $2 billion, Figure AI is positioned to revolutionize the warehouse industry with its groundbreaking humanoid robots. The influx of funding underscores the company’s potential to address pressing labor challenges and drive innovation in warehouse operations.

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