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“Ozempic blamed for causing people to vomit during workouts as gym attendance falls flat.”

There’s been a noticeable drop in gym attendance lately, and trainers are pointing fingers at an unexpected culprit: Ozempic and similar drugs. It’s not just about quick weight loss – these medications are reportedly making people feel sick during their workouts.

Personal trainer Salim Javed has seen some clients experiencing dizziness and nausea, leading to vomiting while exercising. One 28-year-old woman from the Upper East Side even admitted to throwing up twice at the gym since starting Ozempic, feeling pretty embarrassed about it.

The effects of these drugs vary, with some folks feeling queasy after just a short cardio session. This unpleasant experience has left some gym regulars feeling shaken, either motivating them to push through or causing them to give up altogether.

This dip in gym attendance is reflected in the data, which typically sees a surge in January but has now leveled off for the first time in three years. Even major gym chains like Planet Fitness have noticed the change, holding off on planned membership cost increases.

Trainers like Makena Diehl have noticed a significant drop in clients hitting the gym regularly after starting weight loss drugs. Some people, like a 37-year-old startup founder, find themselves skipping workouts more often now that they rely on medication to manage their weight.

While these drugs offer a shortcut to shedding pounds, experts like Javed warn against relying solely on them. Losing muscle mass along with fat can lead to an unhealthy physique, often referred to as being “skinny-fat.”

Despite expectations that weight loss drugs would boost gym attendance and sales of fitness products, stock numbers for major gym and fitness companies are telling a different story. However, Equinox is bucking the trend with a program specifically tailored for clients on weight loss medication.

As for those struggling with nausea at the gym, some have adapted by working out on an empty stomach. It’s a small adjustment in the pursuit of fitness in the face of unexpected challenges.

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