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Photos show never-before-seen sea creatures living in an underwater mountain that dwarfs the Himalayas

Exploring the ocean’s depths often reveals fascinating discoveries, as demonstrated by a recent expedition led by Javier Sellanes of the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Venturing into the seamounts along the Nazca and Salas y Gómez Ridge near Chile, scientists used advanced technology to dive nearly 3 miles below the surface.

The underwater mountains, spanning approximately 1,800 miles, rival the Himalayas in length and boast peaks reaching heights of over 2 miles. During the expedition, the team captured stunning footage and images, as well as collected samples, potentially revealing more than 100 previously unknown species.

Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, stressed the importance of protecting such unique ecosystems, advocating for the designation of the area as a marine protected area.

Among the remarkable discoveries were new species of sponges, corals, crustaceans, and mollusks, showcasing the incredible biodiversity thriving in the depths. The expedition also unveiled four previously unknown seamounts, shedding light on the mysterious underwater landscape.

Virmani emphasized the need to understand how underwater mountains influence the distribution of marine life, highlighting variations in ocean circulation and environmental conditions that create diverse habitats on different sides of the mountains.

Despite the challenges posed by climate change and human activities such as fishing and deep-sea mining, Virmani remains hopeful that further exploration and conservation efforts will help safeguard these fragile ecosystems.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute continues to share its expeditions with the world through livestreams, allowing viewers to witness the exploration in real-time and engage with experts remotely. With another expedition scheduled to launch soon, enthusiasts can anticipate more discoveries from the depths of the ocean.

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