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Ukrainian Soldiers Reflect On The State Of The War Two Years Into Russian Invasion

Two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukrainians are feeling the pressure as uncertainty looms over the country’s future.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy recently reiterated his warning at the Munich Security Conference that Ukraine could face destruction if left to fend for itself against Russia. This comes as Russian forces seized control of Avdiyivka, a key city in the Donbas region, further escalating tensions.

Soldiers who have been on the front lines of the conflict shared their perspectives with RFE/RL.

Volodymyr, a doctor turned frontline medic, has witnessed firsthand the toll of the war in Avdiyivka. Treating numerous soldiers wounded in battle, he has seen the ruthless tactics employed by the Russian Army.

The conflict has resulted in significant casualties on both sides, with territories changing hands and the human cost mounting. Despite the resilience of Ukrainian forces, the war has taken a devastating toll.

Grizzly, a battalion deputy commander, has expressed diminishing optimism about the situation. His unit has suffered heavy losses, and recruitment efforts have proven challenging. Despite some successes, such as reclaiming parts of the Black Sea, the overall outlook remains grim.

Ivan Mishchenko, a former Supreme Court judge turned volunteer soldier, emphasized the need for Ukraine to address internal challenges, including corruption and weak institutions. He stressed the importance of international support in confronting the Russian threat.

As the conflict enters its third year, Ukrainians are grappling with uncertainty and growing geopolitical tensions. The war is not merely a regional issue but a global security threat with far-reaching consequences.

Despite the challenges, Ukrainians remain steadfast in their desire for sovereignty and justice. However, the road ahead is fraught with obstacles, and the outcome remains uncertain.

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