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“US could abandon Ukraine has Taiwan’s leadership ‘extremely worried’.”

Taiwanese officials have been really curious lately, pressing members of a U.S. congressional delegation about what’s going on with aid to Ukraine and what it means for America’s promise to have Taiwan’s back against China.

Last week, the Senate gave the thumbs up to a national security boost, throwing $1.9 billion into the pot to restock Taiwan’s armory. But there’s drama in the House – Speaker Mike Johnson’s not budging unless they beef up border security in the deal.

Rep. Mike Gallagher, who heads up the House Select Committee on China, spilled the tea about Taiwan’s nerves over Ukraine during their recent three-day visit. The fear is real that if the U.S. backs off from Ukraine, it could send a message to China that they’re not as serious about standing up to aggression as they say.

Talks between the delegation and Taiwan’s bigwigs, including President Tsai Ing-wen, kept circling back to how crucial it is for the U.S. to keep its word on Ukraine to show China it means business.

Then there’s the worry in Taiwan about what might happen if the U.S. changes its tune, especially with Trump in the mix. But the delegation made sure to reassure them that no matter the political storm in the U.S., Taiwan can count on bipartisan support.

The holdup in Congress over aid to Ukraine is leaving Ukraine’s military hanging out to dry against Russia, which has got Taiwan feeling jumpy since they’re also relying on U.S. arms to keep China at bay.

Delays in getting approved weapons to Taiwan are causing headaches, so there’s talk about getting crafty and making some of the gear right there in Taiwan.

And if that’s not enough, there’s buzz about reports that a network similar to Elon Musk’s Starlink isn’t playing nice with Taiwan, which is a big deal considering how much Ukraine relies on it for defense. They’re trying to suss out what’s up and get in touch with Musk’s crew to sort it out.

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