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Adam Sandler Is the Loneliest Man in the Universe in Space Drama That Leaves Him Adrift: ‘Spaceman’ Review

Adam Sandler takes on a new role in “Spaceman,” portraying cosmonaut Jakub Prochazka on a solitary mission to investigate spectral cloud activity near Jupiter. Unlike his previous comedic roles, Sandler’s character is immersed in loneliness and existential dread as he grapples with personal and emotional turmoil while orbiting the gas giant.

Directed by Johan Renck and based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel, the film follows Jakub’s strained relationship with his wife Lenka, played by Carey Mulligan, who plans to leave him while he’s away on his mission. As Jakub faces the challenges of space travel and the isolation of his mission, he begins to hallucinate an anthropomorphic creature named Hanuš, voiced by Paul Dano, who offers him companionship and guidance.

Despite its cosmic setting, “Spaceman” focuses more on earthly dramas and interpersonal relationships than on the wonders of space exploration. The film’s attempts to explore themes of loneliness and emotional upheaval fall short, leaving the audience with a disjointed and unsatisfying narrative.

While Sandler delivers a committed performance and the film boasts impressive visuals, including captivating space sequences, it ultimately fails to deliver a compelling story or meaningful insights. Mulligan’s character feels underdeveloped, and the film’s dialogue lacks subtlety, often resorting to blunt exposition rather than nuanced exploration of its themes.

“Spaceman” struggles to live up to its ambitious premise, leaving viewers feeling adrift and disconnected. Despite Sandler’s efforts, the film fails to engage with its cosmic setting or deliver a satisfying exploration of its characters’ inner turmoil.

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