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After breaking her foot during a workout, Victoria Beckham hobbles on crutches and one high heel.

Victoria Beckham was spotted out and about in London, rocking a stylish ensemble despite having to use crutches due to a fractured foot. The fashion icon didn’t let the injury cramp her style, opting to wear one of her signature high heels along with a medical boot.

Known for her impeccable taste, Beckham chose the Alaïa Plexi Heart-Toe Slingback Pumps for the occasion, adding a touch of glamour to her look. Despite the injury setback, she remained true to her fashion-forward image.

The news of Beckham’s injury was shared by her husband, David Beckham, who revealed on social media that she had suffered a clean break to her foot during a workout. Despite the mishap, Victoria maintained her sense of humor, jokingly referring to her Valentine’s Day as “happy” and sharing updates about her recovery process.

The Beckhams are no strangers to playful banter, often teasing each other on social media. David added to the lightheartedness by humorously commenting on the size of Victoria’s toe in one of his posts.

Their humor extends beyond social media, as seen in their Super Bowl commercial with Uber Eats, where they playfully recreated a viral moment. Victoria’s choice of attire, featuring a shirt reading “My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce,” added an extra layer of fun to the occasion.

Despite the injury, Victoria Beckham continues to showcase her unwavering style and sense of humor, proving that even a fractured foot can’t dampen her fashion-forward spirit.

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