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After it spends $478,000 to “never let the service go down no matter what,” Palworld dev CEO jokes server fees could bankrupt the studio.

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe recently shared some startling insights into the cost of maintaining Palworld’s servers, hinting at potential financial challenges for the company. Mizobe humorously remarked on the escalating expenses, suggesting that the mounting server fees could spell financial doom for the studio. This revelation came in the form of an image showcasing the steep rise in server maintenance costs, prompting speculation about the sustainability of the game’s infrastructure.

In response to Mizobe’s tweet, Palworld’s lead network engineer, Chujo Hiroto, provided further context on the situation. Hiroto emphasized the studio’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted service for players, stating that they spared no expense in maintaining server stability. He revealed that the monthly expenditure on server maintenance amounted to a staggering $478,000, underscoring the substantial investment made by the studio to uphold the gaming experience.

The revelation of Palworld’s astronomical server costs sheds light on the significant financial burden associated with running a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). Despite the game’s unprecedented success, with record-breaking launches on platforms like Steam and Xbox, the substantial server expenses underscore the challenges faced by developers in managing and scaling infrastructure to meet player demand.

Palworld’s exponential growth since its launch has put considerable strain on its server infrastructure, leading to occasional disruptions and performance issues. However, Pocketpair has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering a seamless gaming experience, prioritizing server stability above all else.

Looking ahead, Pocketpair is exploring various strategies to optimize server performance and reduce operational costs. Additionally, the studio has received support from Microsoft to implement dedicated servers on the Xbox platform, which could alleviate some of the infrastructure challenges.

Despite the financial implications, Pocketpair remains focused on delivering an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for Palworld’s rapidly expanding player base. By investing in server infrastructure and exploring innovative solutions, the studio aims to overcome the challenges associated with managing a thriving online multiplayer game.

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