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After once predicting it would ship 90,000, Lucid Motors will only build 9,000 EVs in 2024.

Lucid Motors is scaling back its production plans for 2024, aiming to manufacture just 9,000 electric vehicles, which is only a slight increase from the previous year. This is a far cry from the ambitious goal of 90,000 vehicles projected when the company went public three years ago.

The significant gap between these new production figures and the initial expectations highlights the challenges Lucid is facing in attracting buyers and achieving profitability. Despite efforts to ramp up sales and marketing, including the highly anticipated launch of the Gravity SUV, the company is still struggling to turn a profit.

The Gravity SUV is seen as a potential game-changer for Lucid’s future, with CEO Peter Rawlinson emphasizing its importance in boosting sales. However, delays in production and supply chain disruptions have hampered progress, leading to revised production targets and adjustments in pricing strategies.

Despite these setbacks, Lucid remains optimistic. It recently introduced a more affordable version of its Air sedan and is exploring partnerships with other automotive companies for technology licensing and supply agreements. Additionally, Saudi Arabia’s commitment to purchasing a significant number of EVs offers a potential avenue for growth, although initial challenges in the market have slowed progress.

Overall, while Lucid faces obstacles in meeting its production targets and achieving profitability, strategic initiatives and partnerships provide hope for future success.

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