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After punching opponent in the face, New Mexico State men’s basketball player ejected

New Mexico State’s basketball player, Robert Carpenter, found himself at the center of controversy after being ejected from Thursday night’s game against Liberty. The incident occurred early in the first half when Carpenter and opponent Shiloh Robinson became entangled under the net while vying for a rebound. In a heated moment, Carpenter swung at Robinson from behind, connecting with his face and prompting the officials to issue a flagrant foul 2, resulting in Carpenter’s ejection from the game.

Following the altercation, New Mexico State’s head coach, Jason Hooten, addressed the incident during his post-game press conference. He expressed regret and issued apologies to Liberty University, emphasizing that such behavior is unacceptable within their program. Despite Carpenter’s remorse and character, Hooten stressed that there is no room for such actions in the game of basketball.

Carpenter, who is in his first season with the Aggies after transferring from Mississippi Valley State, faces potential further suspension pending a review by Conference USA. While Hooten acknowledged Carpenter’s regret and remorse, he emphasized the need for accountability and discipline.

The ejection of Carpenter not only impacted Thursday night’s game but also raises questions about his future participation. Hooten indicated that Carpenter is likely to face additional suspension, with his availability for future games uncertain.

In addition to the immediate repercussions for Carpenter, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of sportsmanship and respect on the basketball court. Actions like Carpenter’s not only impact the outcome of games but also reflect poorly on the players and the programs they represent. As New Mexico State moves forward, they will undoubtedly emphasize the values of integrity and sportsmanship in their pursuit of success on the court.

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