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Apple announces changes to iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the European Union

In a recent announcement, Apple shared a series of updates to its iOS, Safari, and App Store, all geared towards complying with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union (EU). These changes, scheduled for a March 2024 release, bring in more than 600 new APIs, improved app analytics, additional features for alternative browser engines, and revamped options for processing payments and distributing iOS apps. The goal is to align with DMA regulations while ensuring the safety of EU users through newly introduced safeguards.

The modifications include provisions for developers to distribute their iOS apps through alternative marketplaces. Apple has introduced new frameworks and APIs to facilitate this process. Additionally, developers can now leverage alternative browser engines beyond Apple’s WebKit. A notable addition is the interoperability request form, allowing developers to submit requests for compatibility with iPhone and iOS features.

As part of DMA-compliant changes affecting contactless payments, Apple has introduced new APIs enabling the use of NFC technology in banking and wallet apps across the European Economic Area. Users in the EU will gain controls to choose third-party contactless payment apps or alternative app marketplaces as their default options.

While these changes present exciting opportunities for developers, they also bring potential risks, such as malware, fraud, scams, and privacy threats. In response, Apple is implementing protective measures, including the introduction of Notarization for iOS apps, authorization for marketplace developers, and disclosures regarding alternative payments.

Notarization for iOS apps involves a baseline review, combining automated checks and human review to ensure platform integrity and user protection. App installation sheets will provide users with essential information about apps, obtained through the Notarization process. Authorization for marketplace developers ensures a commitment to ongoing requirements for user and developer protection. Additional malware protections will prevent iOS apps containing malware from launching on user devices.

Acknowledging that some risks may persist, such as scams and exposure to harmful content, Apple is aligning App Store features with DMA requirements. This means that features like Family Purchase Sharing and Ask to Buy will not be compatible with apps downloaded from outside the App Store.

Safari is also undergoing changes, with the introduction of a new choice screen for EU users when opening the browser, prompting them to select a default browser from a list of options.

On the App Store front, developers now have new options for using payment service providers (PSPs) within their apps to process payments for digital goods and services. Business planning tools, app store product page labels, and in-app disclosure sheets have been introduced to inform and protect EU users. Apple is also unveiling new business terms for EU apps, offering reduced commissions and payment processing fees for iOS apps on the App Store.

Developers can choose to adopt these new business terms or stick to existing ones. The changes aim to align with DMA requirements while providing developers with opportunities for alternative distribution and payment processing. Apple remains committed to safeguarding the privacy, security, and overall quality of the iOS user experience in the EU, striking a balance between introducing new capabilities and implementing necessary safeguards.

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