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Ax-3 astronauts leave precious parting gift behind for ISS crew: peanut butter

During the departure of the Ax-3 mission from the International Space Station (ISS), a heartwarming moment occurred as the crew bid farewell to their fellow astronauts by leaving behind a surprise treat: peanut butter. Ax-3 commander Michael López-Alegría shared this delightful news with the Expedition 70 astronauts, mentioning that there was peanut butter waiting for them in the airlock entrance.

While the full menu for Ax-3 remains undisclosed, peanut butter has been a beloved choice among astronauts for its taste and nutritional benefits. Interestingly, the Ax-3 crew had the unique opportunity to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day while in space, adding a touch of festivity to their mission.

Organized by Axiom Space, Ax-3 represents the third crewed mission to the ISS facilitated by the Houston-based company. Axiom typically selects commercial off-the-shelf food products that are suitable for the space environment, ensuring that astronauts have nourishing and enjoyable meals during their missions.

Peanuts have a longstanding history in space exploration, with NASA astronauts enjoying peanut cubes as early as the Gemini program in the 1960s. Peanut butter, a favorite among astronauts, has been a staple in space missions since the early days of NASA.

Today, peanut butter continues to be a cherished component of space cuisine, offering astronauts a taste of home and adding a sense of comfort during their time aboard the ISS. The gesture of leaving behind a peanut butter surprise highlights the camaraderie and thoughtfulness among astronauts, even amidst the challenges of space travel.

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