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Bambu Lab is recalling every A1 3D printer — don’t use them until you read this

Bambu Lab has issued a recall for all A1 3D printers, excluding the A1 Mini, due to safety concerns related to unstable temperature readings. The company strongly advises owners to cease using the printers after discovering a faulty heatbed cable that could lead to potential short circuits. Although Bambu Lab believes the issue affects less than 0.1% of A1 printers, the exact cause remains uncertain, prompting the company to offer a full refund to concerned owners. Notably, other printers in Bambu Lab’s lineup, such as the X1 series, P1 series, or A1 Mini, are not subject to the recall.

Key points to highlight:

1. Last week, Bambu Lab identified a design flaw in the A1 3D printer’s heatbed cable, raising concerns about kinks and short circuits.
2. This week, the company hinted at a separate issue contributing to heat-related problems in specific printers.
3. Prioritizing safety, Bambu Lab is recalling all A1 3D printers sold, with sales at Micro Center discontinued.
4. Options for affected owners include full refunds, $80 vouchers for choosing a replacement, or a $120 voucher for self-repair using provided parts.

Additional details:

– Bambu Lab acknowledged a design oversight in the heatbed cable’s strain relief, making it prone to damage and potential short circuits.
– The company suspects another unidentified issue may be influencing some printers, leading to the comprehensive recall of the A1.
– Refunds may take up to 15 business days to process, and alternatives include applying the refund to other Bambu Lab printers or using vouchers for future purchases.
– A self-repair option, available around the end of March, comes with a $120 voucher for the company’s online store and extends the A1’s warranty by six months.
– A registration page has been set up for A1 printer owners to indicate their preferred option, streamlining the ordering of necessary parts.
– Official resellers are expected to provide similar terms to customers who made purchases through them.

For more details, Bambu Lab has shared a blog post complete with images illustrating what a damaged cable may look like.

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