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‘Bidenomics’ falls flat with voters as Trump takes huge lead in new poll

President Biden is facing significant challenges in comparison to former President Trump, particularly on crucial issues such as the economy and border management, despite recent positive economic indicators and a decrease in inflation.

According to a recent national NBC News poll, Biden lags behind Trump, the leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination, by a notable 23 points when voters were asked about their preferences for handling the economy. This comes as Biden highlights the positive impact of his administration’s economic policies, pointing to a decline in inflation and the addition of 800,000 manufacturing jobs.

Despite these assertions, a majority of registered voters, at 55%, believe that Trump would be more effective at steering the economy, with only 33% favoring Biden.

In various aspects, Trump maintains substantial leads over Biden, including securing the border (+35 points), possessing the necessary mental and physical health for the presidency (+23), handling crime and violence (+21), being competitive and effective (+16), and improving America’s global standing (+11).

A cause for concern for Biden is the noticeable shift in public perception since 2020. The decline in Biden’s standing against Trump, particularly in terms of competitiveness and effectiveness, indicates a significant shift. Democrat pollster Jeff Horwitt notes, “On every measure compared to 2020, Biden has declined. Most damning, the belief that Biden is more likely to be up to the job — the chief tenet of the Biden candidacy — has evaporated.”

This decline is reflected in Biden’s approval rating, reaching a new low at just 37% in the poll. Overall, the survey suggests that Trump holds a five-percentage-point lead over Biden, with 47% to 42%, in a hypothetical 2024 general election rematch among registered voters.

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