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Border Patrol catches 40 illegal migrants stuffed into several vehicles

In recent operations near El Paso, Texas, Border Patrol agents managed to disrupt two human smuggling attempts, uncovering the harsh reality of over 40 illegal immigrants crammed into different vehicles. El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony “Scott” Good shared compelling images on Monday, shedding light on the challenges faced by law enforcement at the border.

The visuals depicted 24 individuals squeezed into vehicles, emphasizing the need for swift and effective border enforcement. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Santa Teresa Border Patrol Anti-Smuggling Unit, the Special Operations Detachment, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, these smuggling operations were successfully thwarted.

Taking to social media again on Tuesday, Chief Good highlighted another concerning incident involving 16 migrants crammed into a small SUV. The images painted a vivid picture of the dangerous conditions faced by these individuals, showcasing the ruthlessness of the smugglers.

Details remain unclear regarding the fate of the detained migrants and whether arrests were made in connection with the smuggling operations. Fox News Digital reached out to Customs and Border Protection for additional information, awaiting a response.

These incidents unfolded against the backdrop of a significant surge in illegal migrant encounters at the U.S. southern border. According to sources within Customs and Border Protection, a staggering 300,000 incidents were reported in the final month of 2023, surpassing all previous records. Between December 1 and 31, over 302,000 migrants attempted to cross the U.S. southern border, setting a new record and marking the first time migrant encounters exceeded 300,000.

For the latest developments on border security and migrant encounters, stay tuned to our news platform. The unwavering efforts of Border Patrol agents continue to shape the ongoing narrative of immigration challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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