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“Breaking the Mold: America’s Next Tallest Skyscraper Proposed Outside New York and Chicago”

Oklahoma City is looking to make a mark on the skyline with an impressive skyscraper project that could outshine New York City’s One World Trade Center. Developers AO and Matteson Capital have unveiled plans for a towering structure, Legends Tower, which, if completed, will surpass the current tallest building in America, standing at an impressive 1,907 feet.

This proposed skyscraper is part of a larger development known as The Boardwalk at Bricktown, covering a sprawling three acres. The vision behind Legends Tower pays homage to Oklahoma’s entry into statehood in 1907, hence the towering height of 1,907 feet.

In a surprising move, AO has announced its intention to collaborate with Matteson Capital to expand an existing building in Oklahoma City, aiming to officially claim the title of the nation’s tallest building. The joint venture has sought approval from the city to exceed current zoning restrictions.

Legends Tower will stand tall alongside three additional structures reaching 345 feet each. The base of The Boardwalk at Bricktown is not just about height; it promises a lively retail and restaurant scene spanning over 110,000 square feet.

Housing is a significant component of the project, with plans for 1,776 residential units, catering to a diverse range from affordable housing to luxurious condos. The entire development spans three acres, covering two million square feet, strategically positioned near the Bricktown Canal and Oklahoma River.

Currently, the title of the tallest building in the United States belongs to One World Trade Center in New York City, standing at 1,776 feet since its opening in 2014. If Legends Tower materializes, it could become the fifth tallest building globally, trailing behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa at 2,716.5 feet.

Scot Matteson, CEO of Matteson Capital, expressed optimism about the transformative impact of the project on Oklahoma City, stating, “We believe that this development will be an iconic destination for the city, further driving the expansion and diversification of the growing economy, drawing in investment, new businesses, and jobs. It’s a dynamic environment, and we hope to see The Boardwalk at Bricktown stand as the pride of Oklahoma City.”

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