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“Darius Rucker’s former girlfriend Kate Quigley shades ‘d-bag ex’ after his arrest: ‘Karma’”

Former Girlfriend Kate Quigley Slams Darius Rucker as “D-Bag Ex” Following Arrest

Country music star Darius Rucker found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after being arrested on drug charges in Tennessee. However, it wasn’t just the legal trouble making headlines – Rucker’s former girlfriend, comedian Kate Quigley, took to social media to share her thoughts, and they weren’t exactly favorable.

Quigley didn’t mince words as she candidly blasted Rucker on X (formerly Twitter), referring to him as a “d-bag ex” in response to the news of his arrest. Her tweet was filled with an air of karma, suggesting that perhaps Rucker’s legal woes were a form of cosmic justice. Accompanying her tweet was a playful photo of herself lounging in a blue bikini, seemingly relishing the news of Rucker’s misfortune.

The incident occurred in Williamson County, Tennessee, where Rucker resides. According to reports, he faced three misdemeanor charges, including drug possession and a violation of the state’s vehicle registration law. Despite the serious nature of the charges, Rucker was released after posting bail, which was set at $10,500.

Rucker’s relationship with Quigley had previously captured attention, especially considering the circumstances surrounding their breakup. The pair went public with their relationship in September 2020, shortly after Rucker’s split from his ex-wife. However, by September 2021, their romance had come to an end. The breakup was further complicated by Quigley’s struggles with substance abuse, culminating in an accidental overdose that claimed the lives of three of her friends.

Throughout this tumultuous period, Rucker had offered updates on Quigley’s condition, indicating that she was on the path to recovery. However, tensions between the former couple seemed to persist, with Quigley later expressing frustration over Rucker’s public statements about her well-being.

While Rucker’s arrest undoubtedly reignited interest in their past relationship, Quigley’s candid remarks on social media underscored lingering animosity between the two. Despite the drama surrounding their breakup, Quigley’s recent comments served as a reminder that old wounds can still sting.

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