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Darren Waller responds after fans think TikTok video hinted at Kelsey Plum marriage trouble

There was a bit of buzz recently surrounding NFL player Darren Waller and WNBA star Kelsey Plum, sparked by a TikTok video Waller posted. The video, featuring Waller dancing and lip-syncing to a song, led some to speculate about the couple’s relationship status. However, Waller swiftly put those rumors to rest, explaining that the video was just a playful joke and not indicative of any trouble in paradise.

In the TikTok clip, Waller added a caption joking about relationship issues, which caught the attention of many. Despite the light-hearted intent, the post garnered significant interest, prompting Waller to address the situation during an interview with TMZ. He clarified that the video was meant to be humorous and expressed surprise at the reaction it received. While Waller has since removed the video from his TikTok account, it continues to circulate online.

Plum has chosen to stay mum on the matter, maintaining the couple’s preference for privacy when it comes to their personal lives. Their relationship, which culminated in marriage in March 2023, was kept low-key, with the wedding announcement made after the fact through social media posts.


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Both athletes have enjoyed success in their respective sports, with Plum securing her second consecutive WNBA title with the Las Vegas Aces shortly before tying the knot. Waller has been a supportive partner, attending Plum’s playoff games and commending her dedication in interviews.

Despite the brief moment of speculation sparked by the TikTok video, Waller and Plum seem focused on their individual careers and maintaining a strong bond.

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