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Dentist’s adorable dog snuggles up to calm down anxious patients: ‘He’s such a good boy

Title: “Compassionate Care: Minneapolis Dental Office Welcomes Furry Friend to Comfort Anxious Patients”

In an uplifting move, a downtown Minneapolis dental office is introducing a special service for its patients – the companionship of an emotional support dog. April Kline, a hygienist at J&D Dental, decided to bring her 4-year-old English goldendoodle, Ollie, to work with the aim of providing anxiety relief to nervous patients.

The inspiration for this heartwarming initiative came from a personal experience when Kline’s family, including her “very anxious” husband, brought Ollie to a dental appointment. Surprisingly, Ollie’s presence had a calming effect, prompting Kline to consider extending this support to other anxious patients who might benefit.

Scientific studies have shed light on the positive impact of interactions with dogs on health, including stress reduction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even acknowledge that individuals with pets often recover more rapidly from medical procedures.

Around 36% of people in the U.S. grapple with dentophobia, a fear of dental treatment, and 12% experience extreme fear, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Recognizing the potential benefits, the owner of J&D Dental, dentist Jennifer Herbert, embraces the idea of Ollie providing emotional support to patients upon request.

While Ollie doesn’t hold official certification as a service animal, he is fully vaccinated and adheres to hygiene practices outlined by the American Dental Association. Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with some describing their experience as the best dental appointment of their lives.

Ollie holds a special place within the dental practice, even earning a spot on their staff roster online. Making his rounds once a week, Ollie brings joy to patients, offering comfort and companionship during their dental appointments.

In an industry not typically associated with joy, Ollie has emerged as a true game-changer, brightening everyone’s day and transforming dental appointments into more pleasant and comforting experiences.

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