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Elizabeth Taylor’s drug-addled lifestyle was so slovenly she caught Malta Fever from her dogs

Elizabeth Taylor, the Hollywood legend, faced significant personal challenges during her peak fame, as detailed in a new book. Cast in “Cleopatra” for an unprecedented $1 million in 1958, Taylor encountered various issues while filming in England.

Health problems, coupled with her husband Eddie Fisher’s struggles with methamphetamine, prompted drastic measures. Fisher reportedly received $150,000 from the studio to ensure Taylor’s presence on set, manage her diet, and oversee her numerous pets.

A visit by Truman Capote to Taylor’s quarters revealed a chaotic scene with shedding cats, unhousebroken dogs, and overall disorder. These conditions potentially contributed to Taylor’s health issues, including a diagnosis of “Malta Fever” or brucellosis.

Returning to the set of “Cleopatra” in Rome introduced a new leading man, Richard Burton, sparking a notorious affair. Despite Burton’s attempts to end the relationship, Taylor’s desperation led to a suicide attempt.

Their tumultuous love affair eventually led to both stars leaving their spouses and marrying in 1964. However, their union was far from harmonious, marked by legendary fights and insulting exchanges.

The book provides insights into the complex life of Elizabeth Taylor, capturing the highs and lows of her career and personal relationships.

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