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Elon Musk Says Neuralink Implanted a Device in a Patient’s Brain

Neuralink, a company led by Elon Musk, achieved a significant milestone over the weekend by successfully implanting its first device in a human patient. Musk took to social media to announce this breakthrough, revealing the product’s name as Telepathy, which allows individuals to control electronic devices using just their thoughts.

The initial focus of this technology will be on individuals who have lost the ability to move their limbs. Musk emphasized the potential transformative impact, envisioning scenarios where even someone like Stephen Hawking could communicate more efficiently than ever before.

While specific details about the recipient and the functionality of the implant were not immediately disclosed, Neuralink had previously demonstrated similar technology in monkeys. This advancement led to FDA approval for human trials in May of last year.

Currently, Neuralink is actively recruiting participants for its first clinical trial, targeting individuals with limited hand function due to spinal cord injuries or conditions like ALS. The trial involves implanting a small, discreet device in the brain that interprets neural signals, enabling users to control computers or smartphones simply by intending to move.

Musk’s ambitious vision for Neuralink extends beyond restoring limb functionality. He has suggested that the technology could eventually help blind individuals regain sight or provide comprehensive assistance to those with spinal cord injuries. However, experts caution that such lofty goals may still be far from realization given the current state of scientific knowledge.

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