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First-ever footage of newborn great white shark released

In an exciting turn of events, researchers have taken a significant step forward in unraveling the mysteries of the ocean’s apex predator – the great white shark.

Breaking new ground, what is believed to be the first-ever footage capturing a newborn great white shark has been unveiled in the pages of the Environmental Biology of Fishes journal. This captivating discovery features a 5-foot-long white pup, potentially rewriting the scientific narrative.

The awe-inspiring moment occurred in July 2023 when wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna and UC Riverside biology doctoral student Phillip Sternes embarked on a drone-assisted exploration off Santa Barbara’s central coast in California. Amidst their routine scanning, they stumbled upon what is thought to be a newborn great white shark, draped in a peculiar “milky” white substance.

Gauna, drawn to the Santa Barbara area for its frequent sightings of “really large, adult-sized and possibly pregnant” sharks, committed extended hours to observe the locale in hopes of encountering a newborn great white shark.

The breakthrough unfolded after a lengthy eight to nine hours of filming when a large shark disappeared beneath the waves, only to resurface, unveiling the presence of a breathtaking white pup. Sternes, describing the experience as unparalleled, remarked, “I fell out of my seat in excitement as it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.”

The elusive birthing grounds of great white sharks have long perplexed researchers, with newborns in the wild remaining unseen. Sternes speculates that the milky white substance surrounding the newborn shark may signify the shedding of its embryonic layer, providing valuable insights into their early development.

Praising the observation, Gregory B. Skomal, Ph.D., senior fisheries scientist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, acknowledged its significance in unraveling the mysteries of white shark reproductive biology. The discovery could indicate that the shark was born within hours, offering vital information about their life cycle.

Great white sharks, classified as “vulnerable” globally and “critically endangered” in Europe on the IUCN Red List, face numerous conservation challenges. Sternes emphasized the urgency of preserving the waters where these sharks give birth, underscoring their pivotal role in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

This groundbreaking revelation not only lifts the veil on the secret world of newborn great white sharks but also underscores the pressing need for conservation efforts to protect these iconic creatures.

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