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Five big questions ahead of Sunday’s 2024 Grammy Awards show

The 66th Grammy Awards is gearing up to captivate audiences this Sunday, broadcasting live from Los Angeles’ Crypto Arena on both CBS and Paramount+. For the fourth consecutive year, the dynamic trio of executive producers – Raj Kapoor, Ben Winston, and Jesse Collins – is set to weave a tapestry of the familiar and the novel.

Breaking away from the conventional grandeur, the producers aim to curate an intimate concert experience. Picture artists seated at tables near the stage, fostering the illusion of a cozy evening shared between musicians and the audience. While certain iconic elements like the central gramophone remain unchanged, the overall vibe promises a departure from the extravagant theaters of the past, crafting a bespoke concert each year.

Trevor Noah is making a fourth appearance as the host, lauded for his seamless rapport with artists and the music community. The focus is on creating a supportive and affectionate environment, evident in the decision to eschew close-ups during winner announcements to minimize competition and enhance camaraderie.

Several burning questions are on everyone’s minds this year. The noteworthy dominance of women in major categories is expected to manifest in the Best Pop Solo Performance award, where all nominees are female. The shift towards greater diversity is attributed to changes in the Recording Academy’s demographics, with over 2,400 diverse music creators joining the voting bloc last year.

Anticipation for performances is high, with 12 to 15 acts planned, each contributing their unique creative ideas. To add an extra layer of storytelling, short films highlighting the artists’ journeys will precede some performances.

In 2024, the Grammys are introducing three new categories, including the historic Best African Music Performance award. Visual artist Dave McLeod collaborates for the second consecutive year on the show’s design, showcasing the Grammys’ commitment to artistic innovation.

Last year’s changes included protocols addressing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in music. The decision to limit the highest honors to “only human creators” aimed to address the evolving music industry. Public response is yet to unfold, with potential adjustments expected in the years to come.

The Grammys could witness historic moments, with Taylor Swift eyeing a record-breaking fourth Album of the Year win, Victoria Monét’s daughter possibly becoming the youngest Grammy winner at two years old, and other artists poised to etch their names in Grammy history. The stage is set for a memorable celebration of musical excellence.

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