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“For attention, Nancy Mace said she wanted to ‘get punched in the face’ by rioters on January 6, according to a report.”

In the midst of the chaos during the pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol on January 6, there are reports suggesting that GOP Rep. Nancy Mace, a freshman in Congress, considered a bold move. Apparently angered by then-President Donald Trump, Mace reportedly discussed the idea of confronting the rioters directly, hoping to get attacked and become the symbol of anti-Trump Republicans.

The Washington Post and The Daily Beast both covered this revelation, citing sources who confirmed conversations where Mace expressed a willingness to “get punched in the face” for the sake of media attention. Despite her earlier reservations about Trump, Mace has since endorsed him as the GOP’s potential presidential nominee.

When approached by the Washington Post for comments on the incident, Mace responded with an insult, and her office did not provide a statement to Business Insider.

Following the January 6 insurrection, Mace engaged in online disputes with Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, accusing her of misrepresenting the events of that day.

Known for seeking media coverage, Mace has faced accusations of making decisions to attract press attention. Reports in November 2023 indicated that she required her staff to book her on national television one to three times a day.

In addition to her media strategy, Mace has used her wardrobe to make political statements. In July 2022, she wore a jacket protesting her party’s efforts to ban contraception. Later, during the search for a new House Speaker, she wore a shirt with a “scarlet A,” unexpectedly drawing attention.

Reflecting on the latter incident, Mace told Business Insider that the response exceeded her expectations, saying, “It got way more than it should have.”

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