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Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss and Sen. Mike Lee discuss why bureaucracies have got to go

Former Utah Governor Gary Herbert hosted a forum at Utah Valley University featuring Senator Mike Lee and former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. They engaged in a conversation about the significance of limited government in both countries. Truss, who briefly served as prime minister in 2022, joined Lee in discussing the parallels between the US and UK governments and the relevance of conservative principles.

The discussion delved into the concept of the “quangocracy,” referring to independent committees funded by taxpayers but operating autonomously from the government. Truss highlighted the proliferation of such committees in the UK, which she argued hinders the government’s ability to implement desired policies. Lee echoed similar concerns about bureaucratic expansion in the US, where agencies generate a vast number of new laws each year.

Truss expressed apprehension about the decline of enlightenment values in the UK and stressed the urgency of restoring parliamentary sovereignty. She emphasized the need for systemic changes to address frustrations arising from entrenched bureaucracy.

Lee echoed Truss’s sentiments, advocating for reforms that prioritize representative government and accountability to the public. Both speakers conveyed optimism about the potential for change and underscored the necessity of bold initiatives to tackle systemic challenges.

Overall, the dialogue shed light on the shared obstacles confronting both nations and underscored the importance of limited government and systemic reform in addressing them.

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