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Galaxy S24 Ultra earns near perfect repairability score in first teardown

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung is staying true to its commitment to user-friendly repairs with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, evident in its impressive repairability score of 9/10, as revealed in the initial teardown on the PBKreviews YouTube channel. This emphasis on repairability, possibly influenced by changing EU regulations, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra shines in repair-friendly features, earning a flawless score for crucial aspects like parts availability, battery replacement, and the simplicity of replacing components such as the charger port. Despite these positives, it incurs a slight deduction in points for factors like the arrangement of internal components, repair time, and the challenge of replacing the screen.

A notable highlight of the teardown is Samsung’s strategic move away from using glue for battery fixation. Instead, the Galaxy S24 Ultra opts for an adhesive pouch and a pull tab, streamlining the battery removal process and aligning with Samsung’s commitment to making repairs more user-friendly.

The teardown also unveils a significant enhancement – a larger vapor chamber in the S24 Ultra compared to the S23 Ultra. This expanded vapor chamber, 1.9 times larger, plays a crucial role in efficiently managing the heat generated by the robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, known for its thermal characteristics.

For a detailed walkthrough of the teardown, the accompanying video offers valuable insights. Additionally, the same YouTube channel conducted a drop test on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, showcasing its remarkable scratch resistance, attributed to the titanium frame and the Gorilla Glass Armor safeguarding the screen.

Samsung’s dedication to improving repairability aligns with broader industry trends, responding not only to evolving EU regulations but also meeting the growing demand for sustainable and user-centric technology solutions. This approach reflects a commitment to providing cutting-edge devices that are not only advanced but also easily maintainable and repair-friendly.

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