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Google Chrome adds three new AI features to make your browsing easier

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is gearing up to deliver an enhanced and user-friendly browsing experience by introducing three innovative AI-assisted features. These updates are designed to streamline organization, boost writing confidence, and provide users with personalized themes.

The first notable feature is “tab groups,” simplifying the management of multiple tabs. Chrome’s AI will automatically suggest and create groups based on open tabs, particularly beneficial for users handling various projects or planning activities. To use this feature, simply right-click on an open tab, select “Organize Similar Tabs,” and let the AI efficiently group them together, suggesting a name and emoji for easy identification.

Next up is an AI-powered writing assistant, poised to empower users in crafting content for public spaces like online reviews, social media posts, or emails. Accessible by right-clicking on any text field in Chrome and selecting “Help me write,” this feature allows users to receive AI assistance in refining their text, ultimately enhancing their overall writing confidence.

Chrome is also joining the AI-generated theme trend, inspired by the Google Pixel 8’s AI-created wallpapers. The theme generator enables users to craft personalized themes based on moods, colors, and art styles by selecting from a curated list of preselected words. For instance, users can opt for a theme like “aurora borealis in an animated style with a serene” mood.

To set up an AI-created theme, users can navigate to the “Customize Chrome” panel, select “Change theme,” and choose “Create with AI.” While the writing assistant feature is expected to roll out next month, the tab organizer and theme generator are anticipated to be available in the coming days.

Google promises more AI and machine learning features later this year, including the integration of its new AI model Gemini. Users can look forward to an enhanced and personalized Chrome browsing experience with these exciting additions.

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