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Governor pledges to ship razor wire to Texas if Biden stops Abbott

In a surprising turn of events, a Republican governor from an inland state has made a bold commitment to personally oversee the installation of razor wire on the border. This comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott faces potential opposition from President Biden or federal forces in maintaining control of a crucial park in Eagle Pass.

The local U.S. congressman has issued a stern warning, cautioning against a potential standoff between President Biden and Texas National Guard members currently stationed at the park. Interestingly, this situation draws parallels to a historical incident 67 years ago involving the federalization of the National Guard.

Governor Kristi Noem from South Dakota has thrown her support behind Abbott’s unwavering stance, especially after a recent Supreme Court ruling granting Border Patrol access to the park, known for its high illegal migrant activity. Noem, highlighting the crucial role of governors as commanders-in-chief, commended Abbott for prioritizing the protection of states during these challenging times.

Abbott, unyielding in his defiance, passionately argues that the federal executive branch has a constitutional duty to enforce laws and prevent states from falling victim to what he perceives as a “lawless president.”

Noem, characterizing the border as a virtual “war zone” even hundreds of miles north, openly criticized Biden’s handling of the crisis. She expressed concerns about the potential transformation of the U.S. into a scenario reminiscent of Europe if the border invasion persists. Pledging steadfast support, she emphasized, “It is time to stand our ground, and we’ll be down there standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Gov. Abbott.”

While Abbott stands firm, Democrats, including federal lawmakers from Texas, are urging Biden to federalize the state’s National Guard troops currently under Abbott’s oversight. However, a congressman from Eagle Pass cautioned against such federal actions, highlighting potential repercussions and drawing intriguing parallels to a historical federalization incident from 1957.

Senator Ted Cruz, in a scathing critique, accused Biden of intentionally breaking the border and dismissed the idea of needing additional federal funds. Cruz argued convincingly that Biden’s systematic reversal of Trump-era border policies indicates a lack of commitment to enforcing laws, suggesting a potential political motive linked to gaining future Democratic voters.

As the border crisis continues to escalate, legitimate concerns are raised about the human toll, prompting earnest calls for collaborative efforts with the Mexican government to secure the border and protect those directly impacted by the crisis.

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