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Haley accuses Trump of ‘playing politics’ with border crisis as he urges Senate to kill immigration bill

In a recent appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley criticized former President Trump, accusing him of “playing politics” with the ongoing border crisis. This comes after Trump urged Republican senators to oppose a bipartisan border bill.

During her interview with host Dana Bash, Haley agreed with the suggestion that Trump’s actions were aimed at hindering progress on illegal immigration for political gain. She stated, “He is absolutely playing politics. Of course he is, by telling [senators] not to do anything. But what they do need to do is put a tough immigration law in place.”

Haley stressed the importance of including a “Remain in Mexico” provision in any reform bill to ensure that illegal immigrants do not set foot on U.S. soil.

Addressing concerns raised by Republicans who argue that President Biden already has the tools to secure the border by enforcing existing laws, Haley pointed out the need to strengthen asylum laws. She highlighted that three million illegal immigrants entered the country during Trump’s presidency, underscoring the inadequacy of current asylum laws.

The conversation also delved into Haley’s recent statement about U.S. states having the right to secede. She clarified that while the U.S. Constitution does not permit states to secede, friction between states like Texas and the federal government arises when Washington fails to act in the interest of voters.

Haley shared her firsthand experiences along the border, expressing concern for the challenges faced by ranchers and residents. She emphasized the need to bring the situation under control and underscored the importance of addressing broader issues impacting cities across the country.

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