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Here are 3 things the US must do to win: The first space war is coming.

Certainly! Here’s a rewritten version:

The recent revelation by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner and the White House that Russia is considering deploying nuclear weapons in space has stirred concern among Americans. This unsettling prospect, reminiscent of the fears sparked by the launch of Sputnik in 1957, emphasizes the critical need for the United States to enhance its defenses against potential threats in space, particularly in safeguarding our GPS satellites.

The truth is, whoever holds sway over space will wield immense influence over the future global economy. While the United States once led the charge in the space race, our competitive edge has waned over time, while countries like China and Russia have been aggressively pursuing dominance in space. A report from the State of the Space Industrial Base conference even predicts that China could surpass the United States as the leading space power by 2032.

Both Russia and China have made significant strides in developing anti-satellite capabilities, posing a serious threat to our space assets. However, Vice President Kamala Harris’s announcement in 2022 regarding the U.S. renouncing anti-satellite testing likely only amused Moscow and Beijing.

In contrast to his predecessor, President Donald Trump recognized the gravity of the space threat and took decisive action by establishing the Space Force to address it. Nevertheless, China’s space sector continues to surge ahead, with a substantial increase in space-related companies and launches.

To emerge victorious in the new space race, the United States must take proactive measures. This includes lifting the ban on anti-satellite testing, bolstering offensive and defensive capabilities, and harnessing the innovative potential of companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. Additionally, investing in the next generation of space professionals is essential for preserving America’s leadership in space.

The stakes are incredibly high, as control over space equates to control over the world. While our adversaries may contemplate extreme measures like placing nuclear weapons in space, we must ensure that we possess the necessary defenses to safeguard our interests and uphold freedom on a global scale.

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