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Here Are Five Exercises to Get Started New to Dynamic Moves?

Are you looking to boost your climbing skills? Whether you’re new to dynamic climbing or a seasoned pro wanting to finesse your technique, these exercises are tailored for you.

Dynamic climbing isn’t just about flashy moves like dynos and dead points – it’s about efficiency and flow on the wall. These five exercises will help you master dynamic movement and become a smoother, more confident climber.

1. Jump and Catch:

Start simple by jumping up and catching a bar or climbing holds. Focus on holding your body weight with engaged shoulders and a slight bend in your arms. Do 7 reps for 3 sets, resting for 2 minutes between sets.

2. Box Jumps:

Develop explosive power with box jumps. Jump onto a stable platform with both legs simultaneously, then land softly with knees bent. Aim for 7 reps for 3 sets, resting for 2 minutes between sets.

3.  Campus Board Jugs:

If your gym has a jug ladder on the campus board, try these exercises to build strength and confidence. Follow standard campus board protocols on the jug ladder, focusing on powerful movements. Rest 3 minutes between reps.

4. One-Armed Climbing:

Challenge yourself by climbing boulder problems using only one arm. Concentrate on generating movement through your legs and hips. Start with easy problems and work your way up. Rest 2 minutes between problems.

5.  Boulder Campusing:

Climb overhanging boulder problems without using your feet on the wall. Choose juggy problems below your max level and focus on dynamic movements. Climb each problem twice, resting 3 minutes between climbs.

Incorporate these exercises into your training routine and watch your dynamic climbing skills soar!

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