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Here’s what that means for investors: Amazon to join the Dow Jones index, while Walgreens gets the boot. is gearing up to join the prestigious Dow Jones Industrial Average, alongside major players like Apple, Walt Disney, and Walmart. This move comes as S&P Dow Jones Indices announces that Amazon will replace Walgreens Boots Alliance in the 30-stock average.

The decision follows Walmart’s plan to undergo a 3-to-1 stock split, which will consequently reduce its weighting in the index. Given that the Dow is a price-weighted index, stocks with higher prices carry more weight.

Based in Seattle, Amazon will make its Dow debut on the same day as Walmart’s stock split.

According to S&P Dow Jones, this alteration reflects the evolving dynamics of the American economy, amplifying exposure to consumer retail and other business sectors within the DJIA.

As a result of Amazon’s inclusion and Walgreens’ exit, along with Walmart’s stock split, there will be a reshuffling of stock weightings in the Dow. Following these adjustments, Amazon’s weight will rank 17th out of the 30 stocks, while Walmart’s weight will drop to 26th. UnitedHealth Group will maintain its position as the most heavily weighted stock in the index.

While Amazon’s addition underscores its retail significance, it also highlights the dominance of tech giants like Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft, collectively known as the “Magnificent Seven.” These companies have been pivotal in driving market gains, particularly with advancements in artificial intelligence technology.

The Dow’s relatively lower performance compared to indices such as the S&P and Nasdaq has been attributed to its limited exposure to tech stocks. However, Amazon’s inclusion marks a significant step toward addressing this gap.

In a separate development, ride-sharing service Uber Technologies is set to join the Dow Jones Transportation Average, replacing JetBlue Airways. This move aims to provide the index with exposure to the rapidly growing ride-sharing industry.

Overall, these adjustments reflect the evolving landscape of the market and the growing influence of tech-driven sectors like e-commerce and transportation.

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