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Here’s What The Company Making Nokia Phones Has To Say: End Of Nokia?

HMD Global appears to be bidding farewell to the Nokia brand, signaling a potential shift in focus.

In its recent press release, HMD hinted at 2024 being the “year of Human Mobile Devices.” The company emphasized its commitment to creating phones that are durable, enjoyable, secure, fast, and affordable. While acknowledging its role as the maker of Nokia smartphones and “dumbphones,” HMD also teased upcoming releases of original HMD devices and phones resulting from new partnerships.

Lars Silberbauer, CMO of Nokia Phones and HMD, shared on LinkedIn, “While we’ve been known as the makers of Nokia phones, our vision extends beyond this legacy.” He highlighted the transition from being a licensee to becoming a multi-brand company with its distinct HMD product line, along with licensing partnerships and brand collaborations set to be unveiled at MWC.

This suggests a potential departure from creating more Nokia products. However, HMD Global reassures users of continued technical support throughout the warranty periods for existing Nokia phones, tablets, and accessories available on its website.

This isn’t the first time HMD’s shift away from the Nokia brand has been discussed, aligning with a previous report hinting at a new portfolio of devices. The difference now lies in the indication that HMD may exclusively focus on its own devices, leaving Nokia behind. Despite this, HMD will retain the Nokia license until 2026.

As HMD Global looks ahead to 2024, leaked images from January showcase the first phone without the Nokia branding, featuring a matte black design, a flat display, and a rectangular dual-camera array. While specifications remain a mystery, speculation suggests it could fall into the budget or mid-range category.

This transition signals a new chapter for HMD Global, emphasizing its broader vision beyond the Nokia legacy, with exciting developments expected at MWC later this month.

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