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Here’s why women wear red on Friday

Pam Morris-Walton expresses profound gratitude for the donated heart that now beats in her chest, having saved her life seven years ago. As a radio host on WVON, she faced a 57-day hospital stay due to congestive heart failure before receiving a life-saving heart transplant. Now, Morris-Walton passionately advocates for heart health, proudly donning a pin representing the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, which underscores the importance of addressing heart disease in women.

Heart disease, the leading cause of death for women, encompasses heart attacks and strokes. Dr. Mercedes Carnethon, Vice Chair of Preventive Medicine at the Northwestern University School of Medicine and Board Chair of the American Heart Association, emphasizes the significance of recognizing symptoms that may manifest differently in women compared to men. The Go Red for Women campaign encourages women to prioritize their heart health and raise awareness about the disease. Morris-Walton, also an author, shares the crucial message that self-care is fundamental for effectively caring for others. To support women’s heart health awareness, the American Heart Association suggests wearing red on February 2nd.

In line with promoting heart health, the American Heart Association provides valuable guidance through Life’s Essential 8, a set of factors essential for overall cardiovascular well-being.

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