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House Republicans unveil articles of impeachment against Mayorkas

House Republicans have made a bold move by introducing articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. They’re accusing him of breaching trust and deliberately disregarding the law. This comes just before a critical vote in the Homeland Security Committee led by Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), where Republicans hope to push the impeachment process forward.

If the resolution passes the House, it would be a significant event, as the last time a Cabinet official was impeached was way back in 1876. However, the path to conviction in the Senate looks uncertain. The impeachment resolution follows a lengthy investigation into Mayorkas, focusing on his handling of immigration laws and border security.

Republicans argue that Mayorkas failed to uphold immigration laws, overstepped his authority, and put public safety at risk. They also accuse him of providing false information to Congress and obstructing oversight. However, some of their criticisms, like allegations of lying to Congress, have been challenged by Mayorkas.

The impeachment effort has drawn criticism from Democrats, legal experts, and even some GOP members who question whether Mayorkas’s actions rise to the level of high crimes or misdemeanors. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has dismissed the impeachment as political maneuvering, urging a focus on national security issues instead.

As the impeachment process unfolds, the Senate is considering a bipartisan deal on border restrictions tied to funding for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. However, former President Donald Trump has criticized the deal, and Speaker Mike Johnson has cautioned about its reception in the House.

The push to impeach Mayorkas highlights ongoing tensions over immigration policy and border security, underscoring the deep divides within Congress on these contentious issues.

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