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In a Paramount+ Super Bowl ad, Patrick Stewart hurls Hey Arnold and tells Drew Barrymore to shut her face.

In a bold display of corporate synergy, Paramount+ unveiled an epic Super Bowl ad featuring a star-studded cast navigating a treacherous snowy mountain. Led by Sir Patrick Stewart, the ensemble includes Drew Barrymore, Arnold from Hey Arnold!, Master Chief, and more iconic characters.

The ad opens with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa attempting to scale the cliff with a grappling hook, only to fall short. Stewart, ever resourceful, suggests using Arnold’s football-shaped head to reach the summit. Despite objections from Barrymore and others, Stewart remains undeterred.

Survivor’s Jeff Probst offers Arnold an immunity idol, adding to the surreal atmosphere. With Stewart urging Arnold to be brave, the scene takes an unexpected turn as Creed’s “Higher” fills the air. Stewart, embodying his iconic roles, confidently hurls Arnold toward the peak.

As the ad unfolds, the absurdity continues to escalate, with Stewart’s character contemplating alternative strategies involving Peppa Pig. The juxtaposition of beloved characters and surreal scenarios creates a memorable and entertaining viewing experience.

Beyond the comedic elements, the ad effectively showcases Paramount+’s diverse content offerings, from classic franchises like Star Trek to beloved animated characters like Arnold. The inclusion of iconic personalities like Stewart and Barrymore adds to the appeal, drawing viewers into the fantastical world of the ad.

Overall, Paramount+ has succeeded in creating a buzzworthy Super Bowl spot that captures the imagination of audiences and highlights the streaming service’s eclectic lineup. With its blend of humor, nostalgia, and star power, the ad is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers long after the game is over.

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