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In a wider fraud inquiry, David Cameron’s activities at Greensill are a ‘matter of interest.’

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is reportedly investigating David Cameron’s involvement with Greensill Capital, examining potential fraud, fraudulent trading, and money laundering. Witnesses in the SFO’s broader inquiry, focused on companies within the Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG), have been questioned about Cameron’s role in promoting Greensill to investors and his connections to GFG. Greensill, a major financial backer of GFG, faced a collapse in 2021. The SFO is specifically investigating Greensill’s financing arrangements with GFG during the period when Cameron served as an adviser to the finance company from 2018 to 2021.

Cameron, a former UK prime minister, faced criticism for lobbying efforts on behalf of Greensill during the COVID-19 pandemic, including messages to Chancellor Rishi Sunak and former Treasury civil servant Sir Tom Scholar. The SFO’s investigation involves witnesses discussing Cameron’s actions during his tenure with Greensill. Despite Cameron’s denial of involvement in credit decisions for GFG or any other customer, the SFO continues its examination.

Cameron’s lobbying activities have drawn international scrutiny, with inquiries in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. The ongoing SFO investigation is part of broader regulatory and potentially criminal inquiries into Greensill and its association with GFG.

The Labour Party has called on Cameron to disclose the full extent of his dealings with GFG and share related correspondence and documents. The party also urges Cameron to provide a detailed account to parliament about his discussions with the prime minister’s ethics adviser upon assuming the role of foreign secretary. The investigation continues, and Cameron’s spokesperson has noted that he has not personally had contact with the SFO.

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