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In haunting testimony at the murder trial, chilling details of Jam Master Jay’s final moments before being gunned down are revealed.

In a startling revelation during the trial of those accused of killing Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ of Run DMC, it has come to light that he shared a smile and embraced one of his assailants moments before the fatal shooting in his Queens studio back in 2002. The trial has uncovered details about Jam Master Jay’s involvement in the cocaine trade, a stark departure from Run DMC’s public anti-drug stance, portraying it as a means “to make ends meet.”

Lydia High, a close friend of Jay’s, tearfully testified about the friendly exchange turning tragic as shots rang out. High, who visited the studio that night for Jay’s signature on record deal paperwork, recounted the chaos that unfolded.

The alleged gunman, identified as Karl Jordan Jr. (Jay’s godson), entered the studio and fired shots, while another man, Ronald Washington, reportedly prevented High from escaping, holding a gun to her head.

During cross-examination, Washington’s attorney suggested that he might have been instructing High to get on the ground for her safety, but the judge struck the question from the record.

Ralph Mullgrav, a convicted drug dealer, also took the stand, shedding light on Jay’s involvement in cocaine trafficking as a financial solution when Run-DMC’s income diminished. Describing Jay as not a “drug dealer” but someone who used it “to make ends meet,” Mullgrav detailed Jay’s foray into dealing smaller amounts of cocaine before attempting to move a more substantial quantity in 2002.

Prosecutors argue that Jay’s entanglement in drug dealing led to his revenge killing after a drug deal went sour. The trial continues, unraveling more testimony that delves into the intricate facets of Jam Master Jay’s life and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death.

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