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In-N-Out to close first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins and robberies

In a surprising turn of events, In-N-Out Burger, a beloved fast-food chain with a 75-year legacy, is capturing attention as it announces the closure of its original location in Oakland, California. This decision, unprecedented in the brand’s history, is prompted by a concerning surge in criminal activities such as car break-ins, property damage, theft, and robberies, impacting both customers and staff.

Denny Warnick, the Chief Operating Officer of In-N-Out, shared in a statement that despite the company’s proactive efforts to enhance safety, the relentless frequency and severity of crimes have left them with no alternative but to shut down the Oakland restaurant. The closure is slated for March 24.

The affected In-N-Out establishment, strategically positioned near Oakland International Airport, has unfortunately become a hotspot for criminal activities. Police records reveal an alarming 1,335 incidents in the vicinity since 2019, including nine robberies, two commercial burglaries, four domestic violence incidents, and an astonishing 1,174 car break-ins, solidifying its status as the most crime-affected area in Oakland.

Located in a bustling business corridor serving airport travelers and sports enthusiasts attending A’s games at the Coliseum, the restaurant has faced an increasing tide of property crimes and robberies. The decision to close reflects the genuine safety concerns raised by patrons and dedicated staff members.

Sean Crawford, a nearby worker, vividly recalled a distressing incident where individuals robbed people at gunpoint in the In-N-Out drive-thru lane last year. The closure decision underscores the challenging security environment faced by this cherished fast-food chain in this specific area.

Responding to the escalating situation, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao acknowledged the deployment of additional police officers to the vicinity. However, she emphasized the necessity for further action to address the growing security concerns. Thao highlighted the city’s efforts to enhance surveillance, with three strategically placed cameras to monitor the area.

While recognizing the downward trend in property crime on Hegenberger Road, a crucial street near the In-N-Out location, Mayor Thao stressed the ongoing importance of collaborative efforts to ensure the safety of residents and businesses in the area. The closure of the Oakland In-N-Out Burger location is undeniably a significant move for the renowned fast-food chain, signaling a response to the urgent need for heightened security measures.

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