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Insiders reveal the ‘toxic’ Abbott-Turnbull rivalry that destroyed two political careers Coalition

In a recent documentary series called Nemesis, the deep-seated rivalry between former Australian Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull takes center stage. Through interviews with numerous former Coalition ministers and MPs, the toxic relationship between the two political giants is explored, shedding light on how their relentless conflict ultimately led to their political downfall.

The animosity between Abbott and Turnbull traces back to their pre-political days, with differences in background and ideology fueling their discord. Even as members of the same party, they often found themselves on opposing sides of crucial debates.

Their rivalry intensified when they competed for the party leadership, with Abbott narrowly winning over Turnbull in 2009. However, Turnbull would get his chance for revenge six years later when he successfully ousted Abbott from the prime ministership in 2015.

Following Abbott’s removal, tensions between the two leaders and their respective supporters continued to escalate, particularly on issues like climate and energy policy. Abbott’s staunch opposition to Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) played a pivotal role in Turnbull’s eventual ousting from leadership.

Insiders describe the rivalry between Abbott and Turnbull as a destructive force that hampered progress on key policy issues and destabilized their governments. Despite attempts to reconcile, their feud ultimately contributed to their political demise.

The documentary series offers a revealing glimpse into the personal animosity and political maneuvering that defined this tumultuous period in Australian politics. Viewers are encouraged to watch the series to gain a deeper understanding of the Tony-Malcolm Wars and their lasting impact on the nation’s political landscape.

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